10+ JavaScript Projects with Source Code

In this post, you will receive 10+ JavaScript Projects with source code for total beginners. You will get all project source code with code explanation. Projects are very helpful for practicing coding skills and logic building so you need to create some projects that help you to get a dream job and you can add projects to your CV/Resume.

JS is one of the popular programming language used in all web applications for validation, rendering dynamic content, interactive graphics and maps, and much more. Along with HTML and CSS, JS has the power to build complete, web applications. There are two types of : Front end and back end. The front end is the part that can be seen by everyone on the browser, and the back end is the part that works behind the front end of any website. For beginners, the front end is very easy to understand, and they can create various projects in the front-end development.

10+ JavaScript Projects with Source Code

10+ JavaScript Projects with Source Code

Almost 10 of the most significant posts will be covered in this article post. The Font end project will help you to build your strong foundation in javascript Language. You will improve your practical experience with the Project and be able to create your new project like that.

20+ HTML CSS & Javascript Projects with Source Code

Some of the best ways to learn Javascript are by looking at one of the best Javascript courses, reading the best Javascript books, or tackling projects to create a website with HTML, CSS and Javascript. In this article, shortlist the 10 javasript projects with source code in 2024 for beginners and advanced developers. So if you’re ready to level up your Javascript skills, let’s dive in! 

S.NProject Name
1Todo App Using JavaScript
2Typing Test App Using Javascript
3Aspect Ratio Calculator Using Javascript
4Multi-Step Form Using HTML, CSS And JS
5Coin Flip Game Using HTML CSS And JS
6Tic Tac Toe Game Using Javascript
7Battery Percentage Detector Using Javascript
8QR Code Generator Using HTML, CSS And Javascript
9Pixel Art Generator Using HTML, CSS, And JS
10Snake Login Form Using HTML, CSS, And JS

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