The web development team is having difficulty

I have worked as a consultant and freelancer for many companies around the world. And I can tell you that starting and running your own web development agency is no easy task. The web development team is having difficulty However, it is extremely beneficial and worth every drop of sweat and muscle aches.

The web development team is having difficulty

The web development team is having difficulty

In my experience, these are the hardest points most founders struggle with early on:

  • Put together an attractive portfolio and a brand that attracts potential clients.
  • Pick a niche. Most new founders don’t understand the importance of being specific.
  • Find good and loyal customers. They will be the foundation of your company, so if you ever find them, take care of them.
  • Assemble a capable team that can deliver great results.
  • Lead the team in a way that maximizes their contribution, but at the same time doesn’t overload them. A five-hour workday is best in my opinion.
  • Find a place in the spotlight. Almost all agencies don’t understand the importance of being proactive and building a great social presence. And I don’t mean Facebook or Twitter pages. I’m talking about answering questions on Quora, blogging about your work, sharing open-source projects on GitHub, and being a part of the community as a whole. It may sound like a waste of time, but in the long run, you will establish your company as a group of experts who are not only helpful and smart but also professional.

They are the most common problems in my opinion, and I am sure that if you find a way to avoid them, your company will be successful.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always have a freelancer or an agency you trust to work as a bank. You don’t know when you’ll need them, but if you ever need them, you’ll be glad you thought ahead.
  • Hire a jack of all trades early on, you need people who can optimize and undo many tasks. But as you get older, try to opt for more specialists, since they are the ones you will need in the long run.
  • Always put aside some money to support your business when times are tough. Maybe 3-6 months’ salary, bills and anything else you need. Many companies go through tough times, but those that survive to bounce back quickly and dominate the field, as only a few think ahead and prepare for the worst.
  • Be a leader. Don’t be the boss or the friend. Your employees should respect and love you. They should not be afraid of you nor should they take you lightly
  • Hire a good accountant.

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