Do you know JavaScript Notification?

Notifications API Javascript Notification API lets you send notifications to the end users. This feature is only available in HTTPS*. The messages are displayed even when the user has switched tabs or moved to a different app. It also works with localhost lets do it. Create a Button Let’s add a button with a class … Read more

50 Most asked Python Interview Question

1. What is Python? Python is a high-level, interpreted programming language known for its simplicity and readability. It emphasizes code readability and encourages a clean and concise coding style. 2. What are the key features of Python? Key features of Python include its easy-to-read syntax, dynamic typing, automatic memory management, extensive standard library, and support … Read more

10+ JavaScript Projects with Source Code

In this post, you will receive 10+ JavaScript Projects with source code for total beginners. You will get all project source code with code explanation. Projects are very helpful for practicing coding skills and logic building so you need to create some projects that help you to get a dream job and you can add … Read more

15+ Product Card Designs using HTML and CSS

Hello web Developer, In this article, you will get 20+ Product Card Designs using HTML and CSS. You will get all of Product Card Design’s source codes. just you have to copy-paste the code A product card design is a visual representation of a product, typically used in e-commerce websites or online stores to showcase individual items for sale. … Read more

10+ Social Media Buttons and Icons using HTML and CSS

Hello web Developer, In this article, you will get 10+ Social Media Buttons and icons using  HTML  and CSS. You will get all social media buttons and icon’s source codes. just you have to copy-paste the code Social media buttons provide visitors with direct links to your social media profiles. using Social Media Buttons users can easily engage … Read more

Node based coding| Create Game without Coding

A Node based coding interface is mostly used to create gameplay elements. As with many common scripting Programming languages, it is used to define object-oriented (OO) classes or objects in the Game engine. Under the hood, these are just C++ functions. Most developers use this ‘library’ of sorts and add their custom-built functions to push … Read more

Top 7 Best Online Coding programs for kids 2023

In today’s world of rapidly growing technology. Coding has become a vital skill for everyone to learn, adults and kids alike. With the best Online coding programs for kids, your kids can start learning the basics of coding at an early age through fun and interactive games. These types of Programs teach them how to think … Read more