Python Program to Remove Empty Strings from a List


In this article, we will be solving questions based on strings and lists in Python Program. According to the question we have to python Program to Remove Empty Strings form a list

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Python Program to Remove Empty Strings from a List

Python Program to Remove Empty Strings from a List

In this program, we need to remove void strings from a list.

For this, we can utilize the removing technique for List. Remove is an implicit list strategy that removes a specific component of a list which we give it as a boundary. Thus, we will pass the vacant string in this technique and it will remove the unfilled string from the list.

Be that as it may, it just removes the primary event of the component in the list and in the event that there will be more than one void string in the list, we need to run it on numerous occasions until all the vacant strings in the list are removed.

Thus, I trust this part is obvious to you. Presently, how about we move towards composing the code. Before that, we should compose the pseudo-code of the program.

  • First, check whether or not the given string contains an unfilled string.
  • In the event that it contains an unfilled string, call the remove(“”) technique.
  • Once more, check for the vacant string till every one of the unfilled strings from the list is removed.

Here is the code

L = ["Python","Hello","","AI","","World"]
while "" in L:


['Python', 'Hello', 'AI', 'World']

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