Introduction to C Programming Language

C is a programming language developed at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories in the USA in 1972. It was designed and written by a man Dennis Ritchie. Without any advertisement, C’s reputation spread and its pool of users grew.

Possibly c seems so popular is because it is reliable, simple, and easy to use, moreover in an industry where newer languages, tools, and technologies emerge and vanish day in and day out, a language that has survived for more than three decades has to be good.

C is strongly associated with UNIX as it was developed to write the UNIX operating system.

Features of C

C is a structured programming language which allows compartmentalization of code and data

A structured language offers a variety of programming possibilities. For example, structured languages typically support several loop constructs, such as while, do-while, and for.

A structured language allows one to place statements anywhere on a line and does not require a strict field concept

In a structured language, the use of goto is either prohibited or discouraged and is not the common form of program control

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