Digital and Analog clock using HTML and CSS3

Hello learner In this article, we are going to create a Digital and Analog clock using HTML and CSS3. In the past post, we have created a Sun Reflection Animation Using HTML & CSS3 . Now it is time to create Digital and Analog clocks.

Digital and Analog clock using HTML and CSS3

A Clock is a Time showing device. it has moving hands and (normally) hours marked from 1 to 12 to show you the time. Analog Clock that is based on HTML & CSS. There are 1 to 12 numbers and 3 handles for showing minutes, hours, and second. As usual, the hour handle is small, and the minute handle is bigger than that, and the second handle larger overall. As you can see in the image, there is a not real-time digital clock, which means you can see time in numbers with hours, minutes, and seconds.

Digital and Analog clock using HTML and CSS3 [Source Code]

To create a digital and Analog clock using HTML and CSS3 you have to create two HTML and CSS files named index.html and style.css in the same folder and you have to link the CSS file to HTML. after that paste the HTML code in index.html and paste the CSS code in style.css that’s all after pasting the code. It is not a real-time clock

At first, you have to create an HTML file named index.html and paste the below code on it, and save it. Remember to give a .html extension to the HTML file.

After pasting the HTML code the second you have to create a CSS file named style.css. Paste the below code on it and save it. Again remember to give .css extension to CSS file.

That’s all after after pasting the code now your code will successfully run. If you get any kind of error/problem in the code just comment down or contact me on social media

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