Attendance Tracking System Project using PHP

Student Attendance Management System Project using PHP

 Attendance tracking System is a web-based application built in PHP. The objective of this project is to manage the attendance details of the students so that both the students and the teachers have all the information related to the attendance of the respective subjects and the respective stream. The attendance Management system is designed in such a way that the attendance information is accessible for each individual class and can be analyzed by the concerned subject teacher.

PHP Support Tracking System project includes task description, modules, source code, and other project files, all of which can be downloaded from the links provided in this post. Here is a brief introduction to this project along with a summary, of features, operations, benefits, and design. Chat System Project using PHP with Source Code Also read this.

 Attendance Tracking System Project Summary:

In colleges, universities, or any educational institution, many students are enrolled in different branches/departments/streams, and tracking the attendance of all the students can be a long and slow process. The current system is mostly manual, and it is quite cumbersome for the teachers to track the attendance of students from different subjects, classes, and departments.

Therefore, in order to overcome them and create a new electronic system, this Attendance Tracking System project has been developed. This tracking system software is designed to be as flawless as possible and works on a PHP platform using MySQL database.

This project works like this: Student attendance details for each class/stream are updated daily in the web application database. This work is done daily by the teachers of their respective subjects and classes using the registration number of the students.

The objective of this web-based PHP application is to reduce computation time for displaying attendance details, information and records of students of all classes and streams enrolled in any educational institution. It is easy for teachers to analyze monthly and weekly records to grade/mark students in terms of attendance. In the same way, students can plan or schedule classes considering the low attendance percentage.


When the application runs, the project’s main login form is displayed. It consists of teacher and student login boxes as displayed on the output screen. Teachers will have a unique username and password to log in and from there they can keep track of student attendance records.

Student attendance details can be tracked using a username or registration number. Students can just give their username and can see the registered attendance details in the database of the application. Password is not required for students.

The Below list is used in the Attendance Tracking System project:

  • Login Form – For teachers to log in to the app and view the existing attendance records of students.
  • Verify Login – To verify the username and password details against the database records.
  • Sign Out – Sign out of the app for teachers after tracking or viewing an existing record.
  • Retrieve – Records are retrieved from the database when requested to locate student records.
  • Retrieve Master: The details of the master record retrieved from the database are displayed.
  • Update Form: To update and add new records in the database.

Attendance Tracking System Project Code Download

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